19.04.17 - Design

Thank you for having visited Cesar at the Milan Design Week 2017

Cesar would like to thank all the visitors to our Flagship Store, during the MilanoDesign Week 2017.

Cesar would like to thank all the visitors to our Flagship Store in Via Larga 23 for the interest shown and also for the very significant attendance at our Fra(m)menti installation by Garcia Cumini at Palazzo Litta during the MilanoDesign Week 2017 from 4th to 9th April.

The Fuori Salone has been a real success for Cesar, which we shared with our customers, agents, professionals in the sector and press. We at Cesar strive to improve from year to year by extending our offerings to include new finishes, products and accessories. This year, for the Fuorisalone exhibition, we focused on the new N_Elle model – a restyled version of Elle – and on the Unit model.

The shop window of the Cesar Flagship Store showcased N_Elle dressed up for the occasion with rovere termocotto doors and with the marvellous Grey Saint Laurent marble worktop. These contrasting materials and colours enhance the monolithic and textured appeal of the island.

By starring in the Fra(m)menti project by Garcia Cumini, displayed inside Palazzo Litta, our Unit model also participated in the fourth edition of the group exhibition “A matter of Perception:  LINKING MINDS”. This project left everyone dumbfounded as spectators lost themselves in a multitude of mirrors.

This has been an intense week of events and of great satisfactions. Thank you!

We look forward to meeting you next year at Eurocucina 2018.

Save the date:  17th -22nd  April 2018.


UNIT. Fra(m)menti - Cesar @ Palazzo Litta
Milan Design Week 2017