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Quality first

Cesar’s Contract Division develops complete design projects for residential and commercial spaces, in coordination with the client and hired professionals. The services provided span from support during the definition of the initial concept, all the way to the production and installation of the furniture itself, which includes living room elements, wardrobes, kitchens, and bathrooms to ensure stylistic uniformity between the various spaces Qualitative excellence is our distinguishing feature, to which we also add flexibility and speed of production; the ability to develop exclusive custom-made solutions; careful study of materials, finishes, and colours selected according to specific requests; and, above all, utmost reliability in terms of deadlines.

Major projects

Worldwide Contract Selection

Cesar environments

Every Cesar kitchen embodies the best of our experience: attention to detail in the finishings, study of materials, technical perfection, and creativity. We put all of this at the disposal of designers and their ideas in order to assist them in the creation of concepts that are unique, aesthetically innovative, and a joy to experience.


Cesar elegantly enters the living area, creating domestic settings which capture the imagination. The various modular solutions make it possible to invent new residential scenarios that create stylistic continuity between rooms and add beauty to everyday spaces.

Bathroom / laundry

The Cesar flair can also be appreciated in the most intimate space of the house. This private room par excellence becomes a more welcoming and functional space thanks to flexible furnishing systems that make it possible to create exclusive environments in which the well-being of the individual is at the heart of the design.

Quality for the excellence

Quality is the result of the decisions we make every day, and our decisions are aimed at ensuring that we achieve our best. Beginning with the selection of suppliers (leaders in the global market and internationally certified companies), then being sure to make conscientious choices that raise the quality of our products and are in accordance with the highest certification standards, and finally ending with the rigorous checks carried out by the Cesar team at every stage in the production process. Because guaranteeing excellence remains our primary duty.

Produce consciously

Cesar furniture carcasses is made using V100 particle panels that have the highest level of water resistance for internal use. The panels we use in our furniture have very low formaldehyde emissions (Carb Phase II compliant/TSCA Title VI compliant).
Cesar is FSC® certified, mark that guarantees the traceability of the wood used and that is comes from responsibly managed forests. Because we firmly believe that the condition of tomorrow’s world depends on the actions that we take today.
“Ask for FSC® certified products.”

Fsc CARB V100
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