Making innovation and progress your own, selecting only the best and using it to define your own personal vision of elegance and independence. A conscious choice, the impetus towards a new daily aesthetic, perfectly embodied by Cesar’s new composition which places the stainless-steel version of N_Elle at the centre of its design.

Steel is the centrepiece of this model: a material that is 100% recyclable and free of toxic emissions, here present in an elegant matte finish that conveys a vintage look and offers greater scratch resistance. The countertop with a shark cut extends into a large snack area in Alaska White granite, thus combining the perfection of metal with the natural quality of stone.

The 50’s shelving system complements the island, housing the ovens and storage cabinets. The black lacquered structure, which stretches up to the ceiling and has an incorporated desk, also in light-coloured granite, skilfully manipulates the contrast in colours.

However, the focal element is the acacia wood with a high gloss finish which adorns the doors of the Maxima columns. This unique wood, whose veining is accentuated through a sophisticated smoking process, is treated with various applications of a transparent finish then polished until it achieves a lustre of 95 gloss, making it similar to a mirror with a surface free of impurities.

This surprising effect lends additional breadth and prestige to the environment. Even the doors of the Dressup wall solution are made from Acacia high gloss wood and paired with shelves in smoked glass and a splashback that recalls the stainless steel of the island.

The Platform table, with its soft contours, serves as the trait d'union of the whole arrangement, adding an element of conviviality to an atmosphere whose strength is the balance between contrasting elements.



A portrait of modern freedom
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