Design by García Cumini

Williamsburg is a workstation.
It is inspired by the lines of modern bridges where two solid structures support a slender horizontal surface in the middle. The element looks solid, but at the same time transmits a refreshing sense of lightness. Metaphorically, the product represents the link between the different spaces within the home with all the social interactions and sharing that take place around it.



A monolithic and compact product that combines structural strength and aesthetic lightness, it can be included in all Cesar kitchen models. With no bulk beneath the countertop, the structure encourages socialising and sharing, the perfect combination of table, snack counter and traditional kitchen island.

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The work surface is made … - Image 1

The work surface is made of two lateral supports and a countertop, beneath which practical drawers, bins or shelves can be installed, along with a cover to conceal any appliance wiring.
The countertop can be used for all essential cooking, food preparation and cleaning activities.

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Williamsburg now conquers the outdoors too, offering a large surface for the preparation and sharing of food in the open air.

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Created entirely in ceramic and … - Image 1

Created entirely in ceramic and AISI 316 stainless steel, Williamsburg Outdoor is fruit of the collaboration with the Foster brand.

Created entirely in ceramic and … - Image 2

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