Andrea Castrignano

Interior designer

Andrea Castrignano is an interior designer who has chosen to concentrate his professional approach on tailor-made projects. He is a fervent importer of Anglo-Saxon culture that has influenced him throughout his professional career. Since 1997 he has been combining custom-made projects and consulting. His interior design projects range from the private to the retail sector. Andrea Castrignano is the creator and presenter of the programme "Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!" (I move out, I change my life!), the documentary-style reality show on air on La5 since 2011 and this year in its eighth edition, and "Aiuto! Arrivano gli Ospiti..." (Help! The guests are arriving), that was aired for the first time last year and which will be on air from November 2018 for its second edition.

He is also the author of three books dedicated to interior design, and he has created the first interior design blog - an interactive window that uses pictures and videos to describe his vision of on-going projects, renovation projects and product design. He also collaborates with several companies in the world of interior design by developing exclusive projects that he follows personally from idea to production.

Photo by Riccardo Lanfranchi


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